October 3, 2006

US court rules in favor of Amr Diab

Music producer Yousif Harb organized a tour last March for prominent Egyptian singer Amr Diab and the Lebanese band the Four Cats. During the tour he and Diab were unfortunately allegedly accused of being con artists by an Arab concert agent named Maurice Asadoryan in the US.

Maurice filed a lawsuit in New Jersey District Court against Harb and Diab accusing them of working illegally in the United States under false names. He also accused Diab of avoiding to pay taxes in Egypt. The lawsuit included a number of Amr’s associates who allegedly forged contracts in favor of the singer and Harb.

The judge released a verdict in favor of Amr and Harb due to a lack of jurisdiction. According to the London based Elaph, Amr and Diab have filed a counter complaint against Maurice accusing him of extortion.

On a different note, Diab has gone into seclusion to place the final touches on his upcoming album, which he plans to release during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr.

The singer has worked with some of the most talented composers and accomplished distributors to ensure the album’s success.

Amr said that his new album features many surprises and he is optimistic it will meet the satisfaction of his loyal fans.

From Al Bawaba

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