November 23, 2006

Amr Diab bids Rotana farewell

Amr Diab is currently celebrating the completion of his upcoming album, which is scheduled for release on December 31, 2006 in Dubai. The launch will be made during a grand event that he will perform at on the stage of Duba’s Media City.

According to the London based Elaph, Amr decided to give the album the title “Khaleek Ma’aya” (Stay with me), which his also the name of the main song. In the album the singer presents two songs “Kalatli Akool” (She told me to say) and “Dahikat” (She Smiled) composed by him alone.

This album will be the last one to be produced by the production company Rotana, according to a contract the singer has signed with them. Amr had made the decision of not renewing his contract and signed with the company Good News For Music, which is an Egyptian company owned by Imad Adeeb.

The new contract states that the company will produce three albums for Amr in addition to producing films.

On a different note, concert agents in Egypt and around the Arab world were shocked when Diab turned down all offers to hold performances during the holy month of Ramadan. The singer had given his initial acceptance to hold some concerts.

Diab explained that he intended to go to Saudi Arabia to perform the religious pilgrimage ‘Umra,’ and that he made the decision at the beginning of the holy month to dedicate the last ten days to prayer.
From Al Bawaba

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