November 5, 2006

Amr Diab on a strict Diet

Egyptian pop-star Amr Diab has gone on a strict diet and began exercising in order to loose 10 kilos. The singer is determined to loose weight before filming first video clip from his upcoming album.

Music production company ‘Rotana’ demanded that Amr submit the master copy of his upcoming album, to ensure that it is released at the appropriate time, according to ‘Rotana’ officials.

Amr pushed to record the songs for the new album in an effort to meet the deadline set by ‘Rotana,’ but suddenly decided to postpone the release, due to the recent tragic conditions that have hit the region.

It was rumored that Rotana sent the demand after learning that the singer had reopened negotiations with his previous production company ‘Alam El Phan,’ fearing he may leave ‘Rotana.’

Supposedly Amr has been holding talks with Muhsin Jabr, owner of ‘Alam El Phan,’ in order to decide on a new satellite music channel the two intend on launching.

From Al Bawaba

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