November 1, 2006

Amr Diab skeptical about renewing contract with ‘Rotana’

Amr Diab is placing the final touches on his upcoming album. He has recorded several songs and will select the best to include on the album, his last under his contract with production company ‘Rotana.’

According to the London based Elaph, the singer did not reveal whether he will renew his contract.

Concert agents in Egypt and around the Arab world were shocked when Diab turned down all offers to hold performances during the holy month of Ramadan. The singer had given his initial acceptance to hold some concerts.

Diab explained that he intended to go to Saudi Arabia to perform the religious pilgrimage ‘Umra,’ and that he made the decision at the beginning of the holy month to dedicate the last ten days to prayer.

On a different note, music producer Yousif Harb organized a tour last March for Diab and the Lebanese band the Four Cats in the United States. During the tour Harb and Diab were accused by an Arab concert agent Maurice Asadoryan in the US of committing fraud.

Asadoryan filed a lawsuit in New Jersey District Court against Harb and Diab accusing them of working illegally in the US under false names. He also accused Diab of not paying taxes in Egypt. The lawsuit included a number of Diab’s associates who allegedly forged contracts for him and Harb.

The judge acquitted Diab and Harb due to a lack of jurisdiction. Diab and Harb have filed a counter complaint against Maurice accusing him of extortion.

From Al Bawaba


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